Brandon Barr

Biographical Information
  • Full name: Brandon Matthew Barr
  • Place and year of birth: Chicago, Holy Cross Hospital, 1984
  • Birthplace of parents: Father, unknown; mother; Chicago
  • Parents’ occupations: Mother worked with Department of Motor Vehicles, now retired. Stepfather was a heavy machine operator in construction, now retired. Mother never finished high school; Stepfather finished high school, then underwent construction apprenticeship.
  • Dates of residence in Chrysler Village: Has lived in Chrysler Village for the last three years. Grew up about a mile away in Sleepy Hollow (informal neighborhood),  in either West Elsdon or Archer Heights (formal neighborhood).
  • Cultural background: Considers himself and his family as having Irish ethnic background, but fairly acculturated (not celebrating Irish holidays apart from sometimes fixing corned beef). Grandmother’s husband born in Ireland, so they have a connection with the old country. Family is Catholic. Grew up lower middle class, currently solid middle class.
  • Educational background:
    • Attended a neighborhood elementary school
    • Whitney Young Magnet School, which he describes as “best in the city” at that time.
    • 2006: B.A. in English, Secondary Education Minor, Roosevelt University
    • 2009: M.A. in Teaching Secondary Grade English, Northeastern Illinois University
    • 2013: M.A. in Educational Leadership/Adminstration, American College for Education
  • Work experiences:
    • 2002-2006: Suit Salesman at JC Penny, Ford City Shopping Mall
    • 2006-2015: 8th Grade Reading and Writing Teacher, Nightingale Elementary
    • 2015-present: 6th Grade Reading and Writing Teacher, Mark Twain Elementary
  • Involvement in community organizations:
    • None at present; Mother was a precinct captain, and as a boy he helped work with local residents.

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