Sandra Villalobos

Biographical Information
  • Full name: Sandra McKie Villalobos
  • Place and year of birth: Chicago (Pilsen), 1952
  • Birthplace of parents: Chicago (Back of the Yards)
  • Parents’ occupations: Father was a truck driver who worked his way up to vice president of a small trucking firm, mother worked for a five and dime store when she was younger, then at a factor, then was a stay-at-home mom.
  • Dates of residence in Chrysler Village: Married in 1980 and lived in Clearing at 61st and Oak Park; moved to Chrysler Village around 1982. Previously lived in St. Paul, Minnesota for four years in her teens and twenties. Also lived in San Antonio, TX with her husband for a few years, then moved back to Chrysler Village because his mother and all his family are here.
  • Cultural background: Caucasian (Irish, Scottish, Swedish, German), Catholic (non-practicing), middle class. Husband is Mexican.
  • Educational background:
    • Josiah Pickard Elementary School
    • St. Ann High School (now closed)
    • Harrison High School (Probably Carter H. Harrison Technical High School (now housing Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy)
    • Tilden Tech in Back of the Yards, graduated in 1970 (now known as Tilden Career Community Academy)
    • Daley College (2 years studying photography)
    • Certified nursing assistant school in St. Paul, MN
  • Work experiences:
    • Age 14: Youth Counselor
    • Age 16: Worked in a factory with her mother
    • After graduation: Nursery School
    • Nurse’s Aide, Holy Cross Hospital, Chicago (4 years)
    • Nurse’s Aide, San Antonio, TX (9 months)
    • Home Health Care Aide (16 years)
    • Good Samaritan Hospital, Chicago, volunteered in Bone Health after retiring (15 years)
  • Involvement in community organizations:
    • N/A: Interacts mostly with individual neighbors

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