Rob Bitunjac

Biographical Information
  • Place and year of birth: Chicago, 1971
  • Birthplace of parents: Chicago
  • Parents’ occupations: Mother was a physical education teacher, father was a truck driver and owned a bowling alley for many years.
  • Dates of residence in Chrysler Village: Never. Has lived in Garfield Ridge all his life.
  • Cultural background: 4th generation American with Eastern European, Polish, German, Croatian, and Czech heritage. Raised Lutheran, wife and children Catholic: doesn’t currently identify with any one denomination.
  • Educational background:
    • 1995: B.A. in History from University of Illinois at Chicago and Lewis University
    • 1996: M.A in Library and Information Science at Rosary, now Dominican University (changed names in 1996).
  • Work experiences:
    • Manager of the Clearing Library since 2010. Worked for library since 1991 in various positions, e.g., library page, clerk, regular librarian, manager.
    • President of the Clear-Ridge Historical Society since 2011.
    • Previously worked at Jewel-Osco and another local grocery store.
  • Involvement in community organizations:
    • Clear-Ridge Historical Society
    • United Business Association of Midway
    • Garfield Ridge Civic Association
    • Clearing Civic Association

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