Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does it mean to be listed on the national register of historic places?

The National Register recognizes places that have local and national historical significance. Any property listed on the National Register must be taken under consideration before any federally-funded project affects it.

2. How was Chrysler Village added to the National Register of Historic Places?

At the request of Alderman Quinn, graduate students from Loyola University Chicago conducted extensive research on Chrysler Village and compiled a national register nomination. The nomination was accepted in early 2014 and Chrysler Village was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

3. What are the benefits of designation?

If you restore your home to its historic form, you can receive a 20% credit on your taxes of the cost from Illinois. Those homeowners who choose to rehabilitate their home get a 8-year property tax freeze. Also, if you would like to have a bronze plaque on your home marking its historical significance you can order one from the National Park Service (NPS). For more information, visit the NPS website here.

4. Does the NRHP affect your property rights?

No. You are free to make any changes to your home without restraints. A National Register listing does not increase property taxes, require you to open your house to the public, or require you to add any kind of marker or plaque to your house.

5. What is the Chrysler Village HISTORY Project?

After successfully nominating Chrysler Village to the National Register of Historic Places, public history graduate students at Loyola University Chicago asked how the listing could further benefit the community. The Chrysler Village History Project is an effort to further preserve and share the significant history of the neighborhood.

6. How can I become involved with the HISTORY Project?

If you have any memories or historic photographs related to Chrysler Village or if you’d like to volunteer for the project, please contact us here.